Beer Law

Our law firm has wide and deep experience in beer law. We have four experienced beer lawyers. Three of them have brewing experience. One worked at a leading brewery. This means we can save you lots of time and headaches as to:

  • beer and malt beverage labels
  • beer and malt beverage formulas
  • TTB brewer's notices
  • alternating proprietorships
  • beer trademarks
  • state licensing, especially in DC, Virginia, Maryland and New York
  • advertising and trade practices issues
  • understanding the important legal differences among beer, malt beverages, flavored malt beverages, cider, and kombucha
  • FDA issues for beer labels, beer formulas, and brewers
  • setup issues for craft breweries and beer importers
  • kombucha issues such as classification, permits, taxes, TTB and FDA labeling
  • beer tax issues

Over the past decade or so, we have worked on thousands of beer law issues, working in this area on a daily basis, with overwhelmingly good results. See lots more about about various beer law issues at our Bevlog (Beverage Law Blog) here.

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