Answer Honestly: Would You Prefer Funny Molson Labels?


Molson must be pretty darned excited about the prospects for the above marketing campaign. They seem to have hundreds of label approvals for variations on this theme. A lot of the “Answer Honestly” labels are quite amusing. Molson has a long way to go before passing Twisted Tea in the shocking hugeness of the number of labels submitted and approved.

This massive exercise tends to beg the question, why don’t they just submit a few labels, with a long list of approved permutations alongside. Perhaps TTB wants every one submitted separately but it’s still not clear why that should be the case, as opposed to the relatively common allowance for personalization (Happy Birthday Joe, Trudy, Eleanor, etc.).

Here are a few more good ones, among the hundreds. If you see good ones out in the market, please add them to the list by way of comments.

Answer Honestly, Would You Prefer….

  • To be half your height -OR- Twice your weight?
  • To be famous and hated -OR- Normal and respected?
  • To have the ability to play every musical instrument -OR- Speak every language?
  • To be able to change the past -OR- See the future?
  • To be stuck in a meeting -OR- Stuck in traffic?
  • To be ten minutes late for everything -OR- An hour early for everything?
  • To lose a winning lottery ticket -OR- Your hair?
  • To watch all TV in black and white -OR- Listen to all music in AM?
  • To have a time machine -OR- A money-making machine?
  • To be a corrupt mayor -OR- An honest lawyer?
  • To hypnotize with your eyes -OR- Your touch?
  • To be stuck on a deserted island with a supermodel -OR- A boat builder?
  • To be rich -OR- Good looking?
  • To have your dream house in the Arctic -OR- Be homeless living on a beach?
  • To date someone who talks too much -OR- One who rarely speaks?
  • To have a constant toothache -OR- No teeth at all?

Sign me up for writing the next 500 questions (especially if it comes with free beer, a year on a tropical island, and a fat budget).

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  1. November 11th, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    Answer Honestly: Are Molson Beer Labels Using Variable Data? | Lightning Labels Blog says:

    [...] week the Bevlaw blog discussed these Molson beer labels. This "Answer Honestly" campaign has been going on for over a year now and it seems to have been [...]

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