Obama Beer

TTB is highly unlikely to approve John McCain beer anytime soon. Not because he can’t win. But because TTB is reluctant to approve labels referring to Presidents of the United States. Despite this, many companies come very close to this line. Above is Obama Ale. Here is an Illinois wine celebrating the debate between Lincoln and Douglas. And some might see our current President here.

The Ice Cream Man Won’t Be Delivering These

… or as the label notes, at least not to your children. While not obvious from the label, this Tequila specialty comes pre-frozen in popsicle form, complete with a stick. Other brands previously introduced the concept of frozen alcohol beverages in various forms (see Freaky Ice flavored malt beverage).

Beer with Oysters and Clams

Here are two beers with added . . . seafood. The first is Budweiser with Clamato. The second is Stout brewed with Oysters. The clam label provides an early example of allergen labeling.

Pizza Beer

With oregano, basil, tomato and garlic added to this beer, it must might be good. In fact, the label proclaims it to be so good “It Deserves…A Wine Glass”. Sadly, there is no word yet about whether this wine — “Wine That Loves Pizza” — is good enough to deserve a wine glass.

No Shortage of Sins

Wine and brandy don’t seem especially sinful to us. But that apparently doesn’t stop lots of companies from portraying these products as evil or sinful. TTB approves about 100,000 alcohol beverage products per year, year in and year out, and a large percentage of these come equipped with references to sin, the devil, skulls and crossbones, and illegality. The Cognac above gets right to the point, branding itself illegal. And here is the original sin (apple wine).

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