5 Ways to Make Your Brewer's Notice Application Better

5 Ways to Make Your Brewer's Notice Application Better

It can take upwards of 150 days for TTB to process and approve your Brewer’s Notice application. You can avoid adding several days or weeks to your processing time by addressing some common issues and errors before submitting your application to TTB.

  1. Check your lease to see if it shows that your landlord is aware of (and consents to) a brewery or brewpub operating on the premises. If not, ask your landlord to revise the lease or provide you with an addendum.
  2. Ensure diagrams/floor plans include exterior and interior dimensions and the approximate location (with the size in barrels or gallons) of all major brewery equipment.
  3. If your corporate documents do not clearly give a certain owner/officer the authority to sign on behalf of your brewery, then you should complete and attach TTB’s Signing Authority form.
  4. Ensure that the surety company’s seal is visible on the copy of your bond, and that all necessary signatures are accounted for (including witnesses).
  5. Complete an Owner/Officer Information Application (personnel questionnaire) for all officers, directors, members and partners, and shareholders/investors owning 10% or more of the company. You should provide a separate list of all shareholders/investors with their names, addresses and percent ownership of the company even if they own less than 10%.

For more information about this topic, contact John Messinger.

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