Agave Wine

This post will start short but is likely to grow long over time. Very long. We will try to show the enormous range of foodstuffs from which wine is produced. With each post we will add to the list, and I predict it will grow way past 50 60. Today we add Agave wine to the list.

  1. Agave wine. Barajas agave wine is made in Mexico and imported by A & T Importing, of San Dimas, California.
  2. Avocado wine
  3. Banana wine
  4. Blueberry wine
  5. Buffaloberry wine
  6. Cantaloupe wine
  7. Cherry wine
  8. Dandelion wine
  9. Elder flower wine
  10. Fig wine
  11. Gooseberry wine
  12. Grape wine
  13. Jasmine fruit wine
  14. Kiwi wine
  15. Linden flower wine
  16. Lingonberry
  17. Lychee wine
  18. Mango wine
  19. Mangosteen wine
  20. Marionberry wine
  21. Onion wine
  22. Peach wine
  23. Pomegranate wine
  24. Pear wine
  25. Pepper wine
  26. Persimmon wine
  27. Pineapple wine
  28. Rhubarb wine
  29. Strawberry wine
  30. Tomato wine
  31. Watermelon wine


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  1. May 16th, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    Martin Buenrostro says:

    I would like to know where I can purchase these wines? I live in San Antonio, Texas.

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