Elvis Still Moving Wine


Over the years we’ve seen a lot of extremely famous names on wine labels. Madonna and Justin Timberlake come to mind.

Who is most famous of all? More famous than Ernest Gallo or August Busch or Jack Daniel? Elvis Presley has got to be one of the most famous people ever to adorn a wine label. There is no word on whether he liked wine, cared about wine, knew anything about wine — but the press release for these wines says:  “according to a recent Harris Interactive poll, over 71 million Americans consider themselves Elvis fans.”

Most of the Elvis-branded wines seem to be bottled by Adler Fels Winery of Santa Rosa, California, under an agreement with Signature Wines and Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE). Signature “signed an exclusive licensing agreement with EPE several years ago.” EPE is “aggressively involved in a worldwide licensing program, merchandising, music publishing, and television, film, video and Internet projects.”

TTB approved Blue Suede Chardonnay and The King Cabernet Sauvignon in January of 2009.

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  1. March 7th, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Marcelino Devilla says:

    Fantastic to see the love being spread here! TCB Elvis fans!

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