Panties on the Ground

First it was just the pants on the ground. Now there is a profusion of panties on the ground. And once again, alcohol beverages are not far from the root of the problem. Way back in April of 2009 we first uncovered this problem, and there is no sign of abatement in the time since then.

Panty Dropper is Late Harvest Zinfandel, produced and bottled by Christies of Sonoma, Inc. Liquid Panty Remover is Cherry and Raspberry Fruit Wine, produced and bottled by Alto Vineyards, of Alto Pass, Illinois.

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One Response to “Panties on the Ground”

  1. January 13th, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Jeff Lorton says:

    Ugh, where to begin? Never mind TTB what about their Mama? Didn’t she teach them any better than this or is she just rolling in her grave. Why not just call it Misogynist Muscatel?
    Just sad really. -Jeff Oregonboy.com

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