We have an experienced group of professionals, ranging from a few to over 20 years of legal experience. In most cases, we try to match the complexity of a matter to the most appropriate professional.

Jaycee J. Kim is a Legal Assistant and Beverage Alcohol Regulatory Specialist focusing on TTB and other agency matters.

Jonathan C. Estrada is a Technology Assistant, with expertise in graphics and computers. Jon earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering at the University of San Carlos in 2000. Jon has assisted the firm since 2006.

Janae M. Cook has more than 15 years of experience specializing in non-profit and small business accounting. She started working here, as our Billing Assistant, in 2016. For many prior years she worked for a CPA firm, managing the financial operations of several prestigious law firms. She has two young children and she enjoys reading, helping others, and watching James Bond movies. In the not too distant past, Janae graduated from Georgetown University, with a BS in Business.

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